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“Out of the Mouths of Babes and Elders” — RED CAPS and SACRED WILDERNESS in As/Us


As/Us: Decolonial Issue


The Truth from Youth and Elders



…In Volume 4 of As/Us, its Decolonial Issue, I look at how two new books – SACRED WILDERNESS by Susan Power and RED CAPS by Steve Berman – reflect upon the trajectories of colonized love and reject the notion of affection-by-oppression.

Many thanks to the tireless Tanaya Winder and Casandra Lopez.

           Also featured in this issue are Bojan Louis, Laura Da’, Velma Lee Craig, Celeste Adame, Jerry Brunoe, Trevino Brings Plenty, Tiffany Midge and so many more.




a&u magazine … interview/review


Chael Needle of a&u: America’s AIDS Magazine spoke to me about my story collection, NAMING CEREMONY, in terms of stories of survival.cover


“Livingston has a simple manifesto—be true to the story and make it accessible so that, with any luck, the words can move people.”

Back in 1998 a&u was the first magazine to publish my poetry. I’m honored to grace its pages once again, this time talking about my prose.

The print magazine includes a few more photos by Gabriel Padilha.

Chip-Livingston.GAP-1-webIt’s a thrill and an honor to talk about my work and share my work in this venue.


Plus Suzanne Somers is on the cover!





                                                 ….   Could be you              
at 17 preening. Could be you, blue frat boy, 


dug up and reburied. …                           

Happy that CODEX JOURNAL: poetry for the 21st century published my poem “Could Be You” in the Fall 2014 issue.

I’m in amazing company this issue: Deborah Miranda, Stephen Mills, Kim Shuck, Laura Da’, Tiffany Midge, Jerry Brunoe, Casandra Lopez, and more!


Thanks for including my work. It’s an honor.



MUSEUM OF FALSE STARTS makes it to Canada



… Canadian blogger and poet Michael Dennis gives a shout out in July 2104 about MUSEUM OF FALSE STARTS.


…lovely words and reception, but you know Canadians are always so nice.


…Check out the review here and, if you haven’t yet received a copy of this poetry collection, my first, published by Gival Press, feel free to peruse those portals called bookstores to pick up a copy.


…with gratitude to this and every reader!


At the mike (photo by Beth Lee).

At the mike (photo by Beth Lee).


In July we welcomed a new class of MFA students into the low-rez program at IAIA.


Our first MFA class is going into its third semester and we’re all eager to get started.


Visitors that residency included Nick Flynn, Dean Rader, Debra Magpie Earling, Simon Ortiz.


Marie-Helene Bertino joined our faculty!

Here are a few of the faculty offering words of advice. That’d be Orlando White at the mike and standing behind him from the left are me, Eden Robinson, Ramona Ausubel and Natalie Diaz.

Here are a few of the faculty offering words of advice. That’d be Orlando White at the mike and standing behind him from the left are me, Eden Robinson, Ramona Ausubel and Natalie Diaz.


Santa Fe is H.O.T.


Poetry Foundation database

poetry foundation logo


The Poetry Foundation has added my poem “Punta del Este Pantoum” to its online library.

Honored to be among these hallowed halls.


punta dedos


Change your Facebook password to “finishyourbook.”


Short Story reprinted on CHELSEA STATION magazine



Republished on the CHELSEA STATION magazine website, my short story “Fire and Rain” is excerpted from my story collection, NAMING CEREMONY. The collection gratefully was published by Lethe Press, and Lethe’s publisher in chief, Steve Berman, was the guest editor of CHELSEA STATION this week and selected my story to run here. Hope you enjoy the story … and if you do there’s more where that came from at ……  and check out more from Lethe Press here … and more from CHELSEA STATION here. Dig in, there’s links to lots of good stuff right up in this mug.

creative nonfiction published … amazing editorship

issue03-cover..  WAXWING ISSUE 3

The conditional response I initially got for the acceptance of my essay, “The Psychic Dentist,” was so helpful, asking me to go just a little bit further in my reflection of the events I describe of this healer in Gainesville, Florida. Thank you, Eric Stalcup, nonfiction editor, for caring about the contents that much and pushing me to return to my essay and make it stronger. I appreciate this magazine and am so happy to be a part of it.

<< and check out the awesome cover art by Jeremy Singer.


and check out the other writers in this and previous issues >>
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AS IT OUGHT TO BE — poem reprinted on Okla Elliott’s blog

As It Ought To Be   

..  blue_crow_cover  ..

Okla Elliott’s smart poetry blog, As It Ought To Be, was kind enough to reprint this poem of mine, “Poem to my boyfriend’s Human Immunodeficiency Virus,” from my book CROW-BLUE, CROW-BLACK here.


While you’re there, look around. Elliott’s got a lot of good things to say and good words to share.