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Chip Livingston’s empathetic take on a variety of men and women, along with his poet’s knack for precise, revealing details and descriptions make this eclectic, cosmopolitan collection a joy to read. His renderings of contemporary gay and Native American life are compelling, and the periodic glimpses into the dramatic relationship of the lovers, Peter and Elan, keen and poignant. The title story and “Anthology of A Spoon River AIDS Walk” are especially impressive in the savvy way that Livingston conveys vital, complex bonds of love and community. This is spirited, compassionate, far-ranging fiction.”   –Cyrus Cassells
These beautiful stories aim right for the heart. Through vibrant portraits of love and loss, sex and spirit, death and the quest for authentic life, Chip Livingston opens rare worlds to us and at the same time reveals our essential humanity.”     — Carolina De Robertis


“Sly, perceptively witty, and moving, these stories give us the renaming, reshaping, and recasting at the heart of identity.  Chip Livingston gets so many of his tones just right and, in doing so, suggests that not all acts of transformation are complete—the shadows of our old selves are always peeking through to the new.”       –Manuel Muñoz

Lethe Press, 2014
Maple Shade, NJ

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Chip Livingston confronts and immerses himself into new cultural territories in his second poetry collection, Crow-Blue, Crow-Black, an examination – critical, colloquial, and personal – of identity in terms of geography, experience, and blood quantum. A southern, gay, mixed-blood poet is thrust into the big-city literary life of the New York School artists in Greenwich Village, yet finds “home” in Uruguay with an Argentinean. Crow-Blue, Crow-Black crosses traditional Native American narrative and incantatory styles with the quick-witted street poems of the New York School. It crosses the border into the southern hemisphere and bears witness to the influence of the Rio de la Plata, the grand capitols of Montevideo and Buenos Aires on its shores. From rural coastal roots to urban urgency and back to the rhythm of rivers and ocean, Crow-Blue, Crow-Black maps the continents of the Americas.


New York Quarterly Books, 2012

New York, NY

96 pages

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“… Chip Livingston makes the ordinary exotic, erotic and extraordinary.”—Ai.

“All poets must juggle the sacred and profane and each must make some kind of peace with the paradox, fight it, or find a unique road in the up and down. Chip Livingston, in his first book, Museum of False Starts, makes a distinct trail of poems, through Mvskoke ancestral country, through the maze of American myths, through bars and parties at the edge, through disturbance and awe. What an auspicious beginning!”
—Joy Harjo

Gival Press, 2010

ISBN-13: 978-1928589495

120 pages

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Chip Livingston’s 2007 chapbook from Other Rooms Press in Brooklyn, NY, comprises seventeen poems exploring in new, more abstract forms the author’s customary obsessions: religious, fraternal, and sexual indoctrinations. Works range from the lyrical “Poem to my Boyfriend’s Human Immunodeficiency Virus” to the dramatic-styled “Truest Arrival” and “Irregular Gratitude.”

Other Rooms Press, 2007

Brooklyn, NY

22 pages